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Ooyala is a privately owned company focusing on video content workflow management systems. It began in 2007 as a venture-backed, privately held company founded by brothers Bismarck Lepe and Belsasar Lepe, and their colleague and friend from Google, Sean Knapp. It was acquired by Australian Telecom giant Telstra in 2012, which sold it to Ooyala management in October 2018 writing off all its investment.

Ooyala lacks transparency and vision, has a chaotic and stressful working environment, and hard work is unrecognized, an ex-employee wrote a review at glassdoor.com

"- Lack of vision or direction for the product. - Lack of transparency from management about company performance or what is coming down the pipeline. - Constant reorganizations and restructuring creates a chaotic and stressful work environment. - Decision-makers say one thing and then do the opposite. - The people doing all the hard work never get the recognition."


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Site Reliability Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Ooyala is a company in transition, actively migrating its engineering resources away from the United States to out source IT vendors. While working at Ooyala I was focused in management of it's Cloudera Hadoop environments."

Customer Success (Former Employee) says

"Offers excellent global experience. However, Ooyala has poor leadership and management worldwide. Four CEOs between Jan. 2016 and early 2017. High employee turnover. High customer churn rate. Products and solutions are lack of competitive edges. Heavy engineering debts. Company has no long term vision. Leadership has been working on an exit strategy for years.Working from home flexibility, Modern office decor, Friendly workplace culture outside of United States.Poor leadership offers no long term career growth or satisfaction"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Decent work culture poor upper management pros - good work culture. peers are friendly, work is moderately challenging cons - upper management is clueless and roadmaps of products are completely screwed up. hence the recent lay offs.free lunchespoor company performance, instability"

Product Executive (Current Employee) says

"It used to be a fun energetic environment, but lack of direction, poor transparency with executive team and overall inability to execute on product roadmap took it's toll on the company. Lack of experience at all levels of the company, no one was held accountable and Ooyala stopped innovating at the pace it needed to stay ahead of the competition. Poor moral now.Free Lunch, gamesno 401K, office location"

Director, DevOps / Site Reliability Engineering (Former Employee) says

"Upper management changed too many times and not sure Telstra the parent company knew quite what to do to turn things around with no local Telstra guidance."

Software Engineering Intern (Current Employee) says

"Wonderful place to work at with lot of new things to learn and enjoy. Fun activities and open desk culture. Love the work culture.Free lunches"

Technical Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Its a great place to work if you are not in the support team, the amount of work is really out of hands and this affects your personal life, but its a great place with great people to learn from.Free lunch and great work enviroment.long hours"

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"Excelente cultura laboral, apuestan mucho por su gente y la capacitan constantemente"

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